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Our Commitment

Due to the overwhelming demand for style, sustainability & pure value, stainless steel has risen to the forefront in the kitchen & bath market. This trend has continued to the point that stainless steel kitchen faucets are becoming the preference, particularly for clients who are in search of a more sleek, modern contemporary look. Strong solid lines made up of a blend of steel alloys and chromium, it is designed to be rugged & therefore makes it a top choice that will stand the test of time.

The nickname many people call stainless steel is the “no corrosion steel” because it does not corrode or rust like ordinary steel. Drinking water will remain pure & clear, free of murkiness & odour & therefore a much healthier & safer choice for consumers. Constructed from 304 stainless steel, it’s durability provides resistance against scratching, denting or chipping. Daily maintenance is simple as no special cleaning formulas are required to restore the lustre and shine. Stainless steel faucets have so much to offer-They are stain-resistant, do not corrode, are low maintenance, affordable, versatile and one hundred percent recyclable, thus reducing waste in our environment & an excellent solution for sustainable development. The ultimate pairing to your stainless steel sink... A perfect match that will enhance your beautiful modern kitchen or bath.

Bristol’s Green Commitment:

  • Bringing safety & health to the forefront
  • Raising awareness
  • Informing our clients of lead-free choices
  • Stainless steel products our only choice
  • Telling our story
  • Offering sustainability for growth and development to our environment
  • Lead-free products our primary product offering

Bristol’s promise to our clients is to deliver distinct products to our clients that we guarantee will provide style, satisfaction, safety and sustainability for years to come. We are proud to introduce our new lineup of solid stainless steel faucets to our customers, which are not only environmentally friendly but also a beautiful compliment to your stainless steel sinks. We look forward to providing you with our stainless steel solutions & appreciate your patronage.