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Fireclay Sinks

Bristol Sinks Fireclay Apron sinks

Bristol Sinks Fireclay Apron sinks are handcrafted using two different types of clay and quartz sand and then fired in a kiln at 1600 degrees. Our factory’s production process is meticulous with every sink being quality checked four times during production and then final inspected prior to shipping. Only after passing final inspection does the sink become a Bristol product, which we are proud to add to our apron sink lineup. This combination of material specification and design detail ensures that every Bristol Fireclay apron sink is not only a beautiful sink to look at but a long-lasting, functional addition to your kitchen and home. Options available include the 33"double or 30"single bowl and a 24" single bowl, with all models having a reversible option which provides a choice of either the smooth, clean look or the beautiful fluted design.

THIS PRODUCT REQUIRES SPECIAL SHIPPING. THEY NEED TO SHIP ON A PALLET.CALL TO ORDER 1(800) 930-0214BF 100 Single Bowl30" x 18" x 10"The sink can have a tolerance of 1/4". We advise ordering the sink before ordering cabinets.A stainless steel Bottom grid is available. BG100The BF100 has a center dra..
THIS PRODUCT REQUIRES SPECIAL SHIPPINGCALL TO ORDER 1(800) 930-0214BF 101 Double Bowl33-1/8" x 18" x 10"Requires custom installationThere is a tolerance of 1/4" in the size of the sink. We advise it is best to order the sink before ordering the cabinets.Stainless steel Bottom grid&n..
BF102 24" Fire Clay Single Bowl BF102 24" Fire Clay Single Bowl
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THIS PRODUCT REQUIRES SPECIAL SHIPPING. THEY NEED TO BE SHIPPED ON A PALLET.CALL TO ORDER 1(800) 930-0214BF102 24" Fire Clay Single Bowl24” x 18” x 10”These sinks can have a 1/4" tolerance in the measurements. We advise to order the sink before ordering the cabinets.Heat resistant up ..
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